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Additional Services

House Plan Modification


The cost of a modifying your home plan is based on the scope of the change made to the plan. Your home design both inside and out, is one of the key elements to creating the perfect home for your family. It is an investment in both the comfort and happiness of your family and the financial commitment required when building a new home.


Examples of simple changes include adding or removing windows and doors. In some cases, adding and removing a garage can also done quickly and inexpensively.


Making rooms larger or adding rooms requires modifications to the foundation, one or more elevations and the roof plan. This type of change also impacts the electrical and plumbing plans and requires extension dimensioning on the plan. Keep in mind that it is easier to make a small house larger than to cut footage out of a bigger plan. Try to begin with a plan very close to the square footage you would like in your finished home.

Modifications transform a stock home plan into a custom, one of a kind home designed to your wishes. In short, modifying an exiting plan is an affordable alternative to starting from scratch.

Custom Home Design

Custom design is Larry’s passion and he creates all the home designs presented by our company. He has designed custom homes of all sizes and styles across the United States. We invite you to give us a call at 830-730-0246 for a one hour consultation to review your family’s needs. We will be happy to discuss your vision for your custom home and will send you our design worksheet. The worksheet is a good tool for compiling the information needed for the custom design process.

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